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Killed some time at the poker table on Facebook today and managed to get a few sweet hands, don’t you just love it when a play comes together? Let me take you through a round; blinds are 10/20 and we each have about 2-3000 in chips, the guy before me raises to 300 and I re-raise to 600.

[him]: u raise me?
[him]: ALL IN
[me]: =)

He challenges me and goes all in with over 2000 chips and I quickly call.

[him]: u better have a very good hand

We show our cards, and the flops comes up…

His cards:                 My cards:  

[me]: i do =)

The flop:   

I ended up winning the hand with pocket aces, that felt good… I wish it happened more often. Ofcourse it’s even more beautiful when you’re the underdog, but his attitude made this so sweet =).