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Today we installed a new fuel filter and replaced fuel lines in order to fix the problems that began after the last trip to Vaxholm. We still have to get a new fuel gauge device for the tank, but the other work went fine. We haven’t tested the engine at speed though, only idle, atleast […]

Today I took the boat with a friend and headed to Vaxholm for some lunchin’. The trip was all good until we run out of fuel just outside Stockholm, due to a faulty fuelgauge that incorrectly showed a well filled tank of gas. So we refueled at the nearest gas station and continued the journey, […]


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I didn’t have that high expectations on this movie, but I think it was better than I thought it would be. The movie is about a kid who discovers he has teleporting powers and uses it for his own benefit, but soon he realizes that there are people who hunt people like him and let […]

Saw National Treasure 2 (book of secrets) yesterday evening, it was OK. No big surprises really, it’s pretty much like the first movie but with new clues and riddles. The first movie is better I think though.

So today I got a response from Fox regarding my Simpsons-clip on YouTube. In response to your dispute of a video identification match, FOX reviewed your video Favorite clips from The Simpsons, part 1 and confirmed their claim to some or all of its visual content. This just sucks, the broadcast networks in US are […]

Today I decided to post a short clip on YouTube with a compilation of some funny scenes from The Simpsons, and it wasn’t long until the automated copyright protection of YouTube matched my video to property of Fox. I am disputing it, stating that it’s only a compilation of short clips, it’s not like it’s […]

Today I got a hold of a copy of the ever so popular Granf Theft Auto IV (4) game for Playstation 3 and played through a few missions. It’s pretty cool with great graphics, but they game itself offers few surprises if you have played the other GTA games. But I like those little side […]