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The first day of the holiday! Feels good, this could very well turn out to be the best holidays I’ve had yet, high expectations. It will probably take the first week to unwind, but then I will enjoy three weeks of relaxing and forgetting, so I will have to spend a good part of August trying to […]

The boatingtrip on midsummer’s eve started out really well, the boat was behaving beautifully for a very long time until it was jinxed and the problem with something blocking the fuelpipe occured again. So the target remains, we’ll have to try to clean the tank yet again. It was a good midsummer’s eve anyway, we […]

After yet another testdrive last weekend the same problem came back after a while, it worked perfectly for a long time though, so the problem was indeed inside the tank and something blocking the fuelpipe. But now I just needed to get the shit out from the tank somehow. So I bought a magnet and […]

It’s nice to see that the popularity of is growing slowly but steady. Lately we have had many very popular videos that just keep getting those clicks, as everyone can see now since we introduced the file popularity graph by each file. There is one file in particular that gets many visitors from Google […]

Previous attempt to blow the fuel line clear by lungpower seemed to have failed, but today we tried the same approach with a spraycan of compressed air and it actually seemed to clear the pipe because it was much easier to blow the fuel line afterward. We couldn’t testdrive it today though since the wind […]

Today, after days of troubleshooting and replacing filters and lines, we finally located the cause of the problem we have with the boatmotor dying at high speeds. The symptoms pointed to the fact that the engine didn’t get enough fuel and actually was able to suck all fuel lines to a vaccuum. The problem is […]