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The boatingtrip on midsummer’s eve started out really well, the boat was behaving beautifully for a very long time until it was jinxed and the problem with something blocking the fuelpipe occured again. So the target remains, we’ll have to try to clean the tank yet again.

It was a good midsummer’s eve anyway, we had a nice picnic onboard at a nice location. On the way back we ran out of gas about 50 meters from the gasstation, but since it was closed anyway the irony was somewhat lost. Good thing I bought another 10 liter spare tank so we got 15 liters total to get home allright.

I took some pictures of the boat though, it’s an Örnvik 570 Cabin with a 155hk outboard motor which propels it up to around 40 knots (we haven’t actually measured the top speed yet), more pictures will be added later during the summer.