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Today is the last day of my 4 week holiday, it’s back to work. I have been out with the boat several days after coming home from NYC, swimming and sunbathing, the weather has been very nice indeed. The boat has not given us any problems since June, so it has been a good holiday […]

Here are the photo galleries posted throughout my New York City vacation collected into a single album, enjoy. Also, the Conan O’Brien show attended on July 10th (day 4 of the vacation) will air in Sweden today (July 18th) on TV4+ around midnight, not that I’m on TV or anything, but anyway…

While in New York City we made many observations about their way of life, both remarkable and strange. Here is a list of some of those observations. The air in Manhattan smells like one or more of the following (depending on the time of day and part of Manhattan): exhausts, household garbage, poop, fried & […]

On the last day we just did our normal morning routine at Starbucks and then packed everything and checked out. We didn’t have that much money left, we donated all our coins to the homeless but we wanted to have enough bills for the taxi to Newark airport, so the guy hailing the cabs and loading our […]

On the nineth day we didn’t do much, some more walking around, browsing and shopping. We had our normal lunch and dinner smutthered in cheese and watched some movies on TV.

Today we had a shopping spree at Macys, we got some nice discounts on clothes there, some clothes are only a quarter of the prices in Sweden. After lunch we walked to Times Square and saw Hellboy 2 at the movies, like everything else in US things are oversized, and so was the smallest coke […]

We headed back to USA after midnight so we would be at Orange County Choppers in the morning, we visited their old site (deserted) in Montgomery and their new facility in Newburgh, met some bikers and shopped a few stuff. It was nice to see the bikes seen built on TV in real-life. We didn’t […]