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The first day, after settling down abit at the hotel room, we spent walking around on Manhattan. We were abit surprised of the level of stress everywhere, crazy traffic and people everywhere, it takes a while to get used to. We walked to Times Square and ate at McDonalds (it tastes exactly the same as […]

We arrived at Newark Liberty Airport and after security check we got outside and was completely struck by the unbelievable warmth and humidity, it felt so damp, we were not prepared for that. It was about 26 degrees but the humidity and the smell (sort of car exhausts, fried foods and locker-room towels mixed into […]

The flight to New York went very well, the Airbus 340 felt very luxurious, touch screens with video on-demand, games and flight information, and also the food was pretty good. The 8 hour flight went surprisingly fast even though you suffer from some headaches.