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While in New York City we made many observations about their way of life, both remarkable and strange. Here is a list of some of those observations.

  1. The air in Manhattan smells like one or more of the following (depending on the time of day and part of Manhattan): exhausts, household garbage, poop, fried & bbq foods, sewage, swimmingpool water (chlorine), old wet towels, vomit.
  2. Second to the NYC Taxicars (Ford Crown Victoria), the most common car on Manhattan is the Lincoln Towncar (also used by a limo service), they’re black and everywhere!
  3. There are virtually no compact cars in USA what so ever.
  4. Americans love cheese… served with sizzling, smuthered with or sprinkled onto any food.
  5. Many medium size stores have more employees than customers inside the store at any one time.
  6. The most common job in NYC, second to taxi driver perhaps, must be security guard.
  7. It is almost impossible to find healthy foods on Manhattan, everything is fast food.
  8. USA have the same TV shows and old re-runs as in Sweden (Friends, Simpsons, Law & Order, Star Trek, Two and a half Men, Scrubs etc).
  9. America loves the “Judge”-shows, such as “Judge Judy” shown in Sweden. They have alot of them on every channel!
  10. There are only black people working as cashiers in stores.
  11. In USA they don’t maintain anything, they use it until it breaks and then buy new.
  12. Being a pedestrian on Manhattan is much easier than in Sweden, everything flows nicely without any stops.
  13. Most tapwater in New York has chlorine in it, that you can taste and smell.
  14. The TV commercials in USA can be surprisingly bad and low-budget.
  15. Americans have their AC turned down way too low, it’s freezing coming in from a hot summers day.

It’s good to be home!

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