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Today my ADSL connection was down for a few hours in my area in central Stockholm. I think this is the first unplanned break in my connection for 5 years, and perhaps third time total (atleast that I have noticed) so overall I am very happy with the quality of my DSL service, even though […]

The new 160Gb Playstation 3 will ship with the game “Uncharted: Drakes fortune”, so I have been curious about this game since it’s pretty old and is now on sale at Dustin Home. So after being recommended the game I decided to get it. I have played through the first couple of episodes and the […]

The International Space Station (ISS) has computers infected by worms, a kind of computer virus. Some reports say that the worm in question is the W32.Gammima.AG worm, which is attempting to steal virtual currency from online games, first discovered in August, 2007. The infected laptop computers have been brought there by astronauts, but it is […]

Yesterday I went to a few phonestores to check out the HTC Touch Diamond and also peek at the IPhone 3G. I found the IPhone but was surprised about how huge it is, it’s thin and all, but the height and width is just too much for any normal pocket. I usually wear my phones […]

So now the Olympics are over and the results for Sweden are nothing but failures and disappointments, allthough it was nice to win the silver medal in tennis and also the respectful performance by Jörgen Persson in tabletennis was nice to see, too bad he didn’t get a medal, he deserved it. The 2008 Olympics in China […]

This is the worst sportsmanship I’ve seen in the Olympics, I think it’s very upsetting when players attack the referees in any sport, but Cuban taekwondo contender Angel Matos takes the cake when he attacks the Swedish referee with a kick to the face after being disqualified. Rules say you have one minute to attend wounds […]

After Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamain and SOK (Swedish Olympic Committee) reported FILA to CAS (international Arbitrary Court of Sports) they are now forced to make changes in the organisation to work towards the Olympic spirit, rules on fair play and always have a jury to receive protests available. In the semi final match that Ara […]