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I enjoy the occational poker game of no limit Texas Hold’em, but I have never played online with real money. With fake money it’s still very fun, but I doubt it’s anything like playing with real money since many people don’t care about their fake money they are very difficult to bluff and they play […]

I wasn’t sure if I should post something about this or not, but after being annoyed by this “article” in one of the largest online newspapers in Sweden for some time I decided I should. The headline is “Who’s the badger?”, with this picture next to it and a selection of popstars, questioning who had to dig […]

There has been alot of discussions around password security and how many websites are very unsecure in how they store your password in databases, many don’t even use hash or encryption but rather store them in plain text. I will now try to explain in simple terms the technology behind password storage for websites and what […]