I enjoy the occational poker game of no limit Texas Hold’em, but I have never played online with real money. With fake money it’s still very fun, but I doubt it’s anything like playing with real money since many people don’t care about their fake money they are very difficult to bluff and they play hands they would normally fold if there were real money on the line.

Now, some people are warning about online poker bots (computers playing poker) are going to be superior soon since they have become virtually impossible to spot and always wins over humans in the long run. So you can’t be sure you’re losing against a human or a machine anymore. However computers are not so good at no limit hold’em and poker games with more than two players.

So a warning goes out to you who play online poker heads-up (one on one) for real money, watch out for bots. I think I will only try my luck with real money poker games in real life with friends, but tell me, those of you who play poker online with real money, does skills on the fake money games even matter on the real tables or is the gameplay completely different when it comes to bluffing and agressive play?