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Today it was revealed that parts of the olympic opening ceremony was in fact fake. It was during an interview in Beijing Radio with one of the people responsible for the ceremony it was explained that the little girl singing (Lin Miaoke, 9) during the ceremony was in fact lip syncing, and the voice is […]

Sex sells. It’s pretty amazing how porn and sex can generate visitors to websites. On blog search engines that displays the most common search words you will see the top 3 searches are “sex”, “sexnovels” and “sexblog”, the keywords used on more general search engines are probably more explicit and detailed than that. When I was in highschool […]

Why is it that when ever Russia is dropping bombs during war they seem to hit everything but strategic and military targets? People are getting bombed while working on their farms. Don’t they have smarter bombs or better pilots so they can hit what was intended? I realize that media might only report about these […]