Most of you have probably already seen of heard of Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian dropping his Olympic bronze medal and walking away in protest. I don’t know if the reason is explained in international media, so I will explain what is written in Swedish media today.

Ara Abrahamian was during the semi final wrestling match (against Andrea Minguzzi, Italy) very questionable judged and disqualified for being outside the ring at times, something Swedish Olympic Comitee protested against, but the protest was denied and the judges call was not even reviewed on video, something that is stated in the rules that it should. He was very upset and clearly thought he should have won the match, but the judge gave the win to Italy. After thinking about not attending the following bronze match against France he was convinced by friends to fight anyway, he did, won the bronze and then threw it away.

Pelle Svensson, former member of the board of FILA (International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles) of 16 years, now comes forward defending the actions of Ara Abrahamian and reveals the corruption that infests wrestling. Pelle Svensson speaks of death threats and bribed judges as common practise and experienced first hand in the Olympic games in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004), he informed FILA but they do nothing. He tried to change rules but FILA denied his suggestions, and Pelle left the organisation.

It’s very sad that this kind of corruption is still growing in sports, especially in the Olympic Games. I really hope they change some rules in how they pick the judges to prevent this from happening. 

Ara Abrahamian says the semi final wrestling match was his last.