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Does the crosswalkbuttons in your country have the illustration of a hand pointing upwards on them? Perhaps you didn’t know that the hand in fact represents the religious belief that there is only one way to heaven, through faith in Jesus.

The Swedish company “Prisma Teknik” manufacture these crosswalk signals and buttons that they exports to all Scandinavian countries but also 17 other countries (Russia, Colombia, Croatia and Austria for example). They practise religion (Christianity) on the workplace every day and have prayers together. It all started when the company was in trouble long ago, and the owner started to pray for its success, since then the business have been thriving. From the beginning the button was mechanical, but was later replaced with a touchsensitive plate on which you could press anywhere, the meaning of the pointing hand was then changed to that “there is only one way to heaven, through faith in Jesus”. The company wants to spread this message and inspires others to turn to religion in their businesses.

Personally I think this seems abit fanatic. I don’t mind personal beliefs, no matter what they are, but religion practised in business is never a good idea, it becomes a cult. What if an employee is not religious or don’t want to take part of these rituals? Or are the denying employment for anyone who doesn’t share the same views? This doesn’t seem healthy.