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In Germany it is now legal to download music and movies for your own personal use, with a limit of 3000 song and 200 movies (provided that the movie or music already have been released). The main reason for this is the resources it takes to investigate these cases are to high. I think this […]

Swedish olympic wrestler Ara Abrahamian was disqualified yesterday and asked to leave the olympic area after dropping his bronze medal in the ring during the prize ceremony. Ara did so as a protest against FILA and the corruption in olympic wrestling after losing the semi final match which had some very strange judgecalls that costed […]

In a school in Texas, USA, teacher will be carrying guns to school the coming fall. The congress is trying to ban all weapons from schools but the supreme court has stopped this legislation. The parents and people in the community are supporting the idea, and some gave comments such as “this should be standard in all schools, […]