Swedish olympic wrestler Ara Abrahamian was disqualified yesterday and asked to leave the olympic area after dropping his bronze medal in the ring during the prize ceremony. Ara did so as a protest against FILA and the corruption in olympic wrestling after losing the semi final match which had some very strange judgecalls that costed him the win.

Ara Abrahamian now talks to media about the secret “medal club” in wrestling with members from countries like Russia, Italy and some east european countries, and this club basically decides who wins what in wrestling.

I agree that Ara should lose his medal and disqualified for his behaviour in the prize ceremony, but I also think he did the right thing by doing this. FILA also demanded that he should be suspended for life from wrestling, which is just ridiculous, for life!? That seems abit corrupt to me that they want to silence any who stand up against FILA instead of allowing an investigation. The corruptionproblem has been known for years, I hope something happens now by initiative from IOC.