In a school in Texas, USA, teacher will be carrying guns to school the coming fall. The congress is trying to ban all weapons from schools but the supreme court has stopped this legislation.

The parents and people in the community are supporting the idea, and some gave comments such as “this should be standard in all schools, it would reduce the number of psychos shooting kids at school” and that this is just “common sense”.

But isn’t increasing the number of weapons in school just going to make it easier for those psychos to get their hands on guns, and what about psychos working as teachers? What’s up with Americans and guns? Don’t you think this is an uncivilized solution to the problem, and that it might cause more problems? I would rather see guards or police doing this kind of job (and not in the classrooms). Teachers should be teaching and preparing kids for challenges in life, and not teach that guns and intimidation are solutions to any problem. Seriously, are teachers going to shoot and possibly kill students who act violently now? Who will draw the line for when it’s OK for a teacher to use their weapon?

If this becomes the standard in many schools in the U.S. I don’t think it will take very long untill we get headlines like “Shooting in school – teacher kills students” or “Teacher killed by his own gun”.