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Monday evening was spent with a friend on Vampire Lounge for abit of birthday celebrating (his) with nice drinks. We had a few icecream drinks and a couple of normal martinis and fruit drinks. The drink “Vlad the Impaler” was a nice one (kahlúa, baileys, vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce), seen on the picture. We also […]

Hmmm, the HTC Touch Diamond still lures. Apparently the new firmware is much faster, which was one of my main concerns before, the others being the camera and the lack of memory expansion possibility. It seems like this phone is more popular than the IPhone in most discussion forums though, and also in my poll […]

The Swedish rowing duo Markus Oscarsson and Anders Gustafsson deliberately failed the K-2 canoeing in the Olympics today. The explination for this is that by qualifying to K-2 they also qualified for K-1, an event that they both have a higher chance of winning. The K-1 race starts only one hour after the K-2, so they decided […]