Ever been delt the same two cards several times in a row? Or just seen too many straights and flushes to be random? Well, it happens to me surprisingly often. Is it just my me or is the dealer on free poker games such as the one on Facebook, not shuffling the deck good enough?

Just take a look at the poker table on the picture, I took this screenshot just to get some kind of illustration of poker for this post, but it turned out to be a great example of a typical pokerhand on Facebook. When cards like this show up on the table and you have cards like A-Q you can be sure that someone has full house or a damn straight.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely win with two pair or trips, someone always have a freakin’ straight as soon as I have a decent high pair. Also a few days ago I was delt the exact same hand¬†(8-8) three times in a row on a table with¬†seven people, what are the odds for that happening? The dealer is shady, just look at her! I’m beginning to question the programming on the Facebook Texas Hold’em application.

Perhaps I should try some real poker action online with real money. I can recommend Unibet Poker, they have a nice deal now where you get 100 euros free to play with, or perhaps 32Red Casino where you can get up to 250 pounds bonus deposit and lots of freerolls for both of them. Playing with real money atleast enables possibility to bluff more which is an important part of poker, with fake money people just call all the time with jack shit and hope for dumb luck. Bring on the skills!

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