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Since movie streaming lags sometimes when streaming HD videos to my Playstation 3 from my fileserver, maximizing CPU usage when transcoding the stream with TVersity, I decided to upgrade the CPU of the fileserver from an Intel Core2Duo 1.8 Ghz (1066 FSB) to a 3.0 Ghz (1333 FSB). I just had to upgrade the BIOS […]

I previously installed TVersity on my Windows server at home to use as a media server where the Playstation 3 could read data such as photos, music and movies, and it worked fine with ordinary formats such as Windows Media Video and AVI/Xvid etc, but now I wanted to try out HD videos (720p). I […]

Turku jamboree

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We arrived in Turku (Åbo) by boat early on Wednesday morning, then we waited for our Finnish collegues and went by bus to a place called Herrankukkaro, which is an old traditional fisherman’s village with old wooden cottages and also ofcourse saunas and hot tubs. We started out by some welcome drinks and then lunch, […]

Turku arrival

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Early this morning I arrived in Turku, Finland, by cruise ship. Me and my collegues are going to attend our annual department conference at work to discuss goals and also get to know one and other over a few beers and sauna. We’ll be around 40-50 people total I think, 9 from Sweden. Our cruise ship left Stockholm […]

I played my first online freeroll of Texas Hold’em today with a real money prize pool (50 euros). It was free to register and play, so a friend recommended it since you can’t lose anything. There were about 1200 people participating and I was holding on but I really got shitty cards in the beginning […]

“You don’t mess with the Zohan” is a movie with Adam Sandler, he plays an Israeli special forces soldier with super-human fighting skills whos real dream is to become a hair stylist. So he fakes his death and escapes to New York City to pursue his dream. It’s a funny movie, kind of the same […]

Today’s movie was “Batman – the dark knight”. I always thought this movie is hyped because of the death of the actor playing The Joker, Heath Ledger. I’ve heard mixed critique about this movie, some say it’s brilliant and some say it’s not very special. The success of the movie in the box office though […]