I played my first online freeroll of Texas Hold’em today with a real money prize pool (50 euros). It was free to register and play, so a friend recommended it since you can’t lose anything. There were about 1200 people participating and I was holding on but I really got shitty cards in the beginning of the game, but then I got a very nice pot. I got Q-Q and went all in before the flop, two other players called me and I got abit nervous when I saw their hands, knowing my luck. 

My hand:

Their hands:

The flop, river and turn:

You can imagine my joy with this hand and the win of over 10,000 in chips (over trippled up). That hand got me through to the next round. But in a later hand I got A-K, went all in and lost against 7-7, bummer. I finished on 36th place in the tournament, not so bad for my first one. I will definitely try my luck on freerolls more often, you never know when one might win some extra spare change :).