We arrived in Turku (Åbo) by boat early on Wednesday morning, then we waited for our Finnish collegues and went by bus to a place called Herrankukkaro, which is an old traditional fisherman’s village with old wooden cottages and also ofcourse saunas and hot tubs.

We started out by some welcome drinks and then lunch, fish ofcourse. In the afternoon with had the meeting and some presentations etc, followed by some team building exercises and games, the team I was in didn’t win though, but I don’t really trust that :). Then before dinner we had a few hours for sauna and hot tubbing, which is very nice. I’m not a big fan of seafood, but the dinner was pretty nice and there was alot to choose from. The evening agenda ofcourse included alot of beers and mingling, talking to both new and old collegues. We have a very good team-spirit in the company and the IT-department in particular, which is very nice, we were about 55 people attending this “jamboree”.

The next day, after a few hours of sleep, there was a presentation by IBM about their collaboration tools followed by lunch and then everyone was heading back on the bus, except us from Sweden who stayed a few hours more sleeping before heading back to the Silja Line cruise ship and sailed back to Sweden over night. We were abit tired so most of us turned in early after a nice buffé dinner and taxfree shopping. But I had a drink and also tried some black-jack but that didn’t turn out well, played two rounds and lost them both, I wanted to play more but you can’t get cash from credit card anywhere on these cruise ships, which just sucks to be honest. I slept for a few hours and then when arriving to port early Friday morning I just took a cab home and went to bed since I had Friday off.

It was a nice trip and a relaxing break in the everyday work. Here are also some pictures from the trip.

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