Since movie streaming lags sometimes when streaming HD videos to my Playstation 3 from my fileserver, maximizing CPU usage when transcoding the stream with TVersity, I decided to upgrade the CPU of the fileserver from an Intel Core2Duo 1.8 Ghz (1066 FSB) to a 3.0 Ghz (1333 FSB). I just had to upgrade the BIOS to get support for the new CPU and then replace the CPU. It proved to be pretty hard to get the cooling unit fastened though, it just wouldn’t stick on all four plugs, son of a bitch, my thumbs are sore now, but after alot of screaming and swearing it finally stuck.

I tested some HD video streaming with TVersity again, and the CPU still peaks with regular intervals, but there are no lags at all in video or sound. I guess this new CPU can handle it. Very nice :). Hopefully they RAID will also operate abit faster now too since it utilizes the CPU for some calculations.