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I’m so looking forward to this! This fall both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are released, both with guitar, microphone and drumset. But what are the differences between the games and what will I get? I have read that Guitar Hero is generally a more difficult (and fun) game to play, if […]

Today I decided to try out Internet Explorer 8 (beta 2) on a virtual machine running Windows XP. At first glance it looks just like IE7, but with a few more buttons and menues. The main new feature is probably that IE8 can suggest sites with relevant content to the ones you have recently visited by a […]

Did you remember to set your clock back 1 hour today? Today it was time for adjusting the clocks according to the end of daylight savings time. Someone asked me who came up with this strange idea, I had a pretty good idea about its purpose, but I decided to research the area abit. Daylight […]

Got the new battery pack for my UPS now and the internal temperature seems to be low and stable so far, it’s been charging now for an hour. I’m glad this solved the problem because getting a new UPS would’ve cost alot more money since it was out of warranty.

Farcry 2

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Collected my pre-order of the PS3 game Far Cry 2 today and spent a couple of hours with it. The first impression was that the graphics was maybe not as awesome as I’ve thought, but it is still pretty cool. Also the environment is very nice and the play area huge, you can run or drive […]

The price and date for the new HTC Touch HD mobile phone has been set, currently the date in Sweden is 2008-11-21. This phone I think has it all; touch screen, microSD memory expansion, 3.5mm headphone plug, 5 megapixel camera, nice user interface (Windows Mobile 6.1 with TouchFlo 3D), big high resolution screen, better battery than […]

I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider series for the first few episodes now, and I’m abit sad to say that I think they screwed it up abit. The original series from the 1980’s with David Hasselhoff is in many aspects better than the new one, even though the new series ofcourse comes with better […]