As I previously posted my UPS at home failed this past weekend so I had to disconnect the batteries and wait for the new ones to arrive. Guess what, today my systems stopped responding in the middle of the day. I feared there was a power failure, the first unplanned one for two years, and it comes now? I can’t believe my luck with these kind of things, one thing after another the last few weeks, both at work and at home, this got to stop! If it had been a power failure I’d very worried that the RAID on my server would be fucked up and all data lost. Since the external backup station I just bought to backup some of the most important files from the server has just arrived today at the post office there would be a good chance that fate yet again would play a dirty trick on me.

I called around abit to the power and phone company from my work, hoping to get a clear picture of what I could expect when I got home, and it seemed like it was not a power failure, but only a network issue. That’s better news atleast. My ISP said they had no connection to my equipment when I called but there were no big incidents reported in my area, atleast not yet, but they will continue to search for any errors. I also discovered that my phone was not working, so clearly there are some things going on. I hope they will take care of it soon, right now I’m just so glad it wasn’t the power, phew!

We’ll see when my network is up and running again…