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I’ve been watching the new Knight Rider series for the first few episodes now, and I’m abit sad to say that I think they screwed it up abit. The original series from the 1980’s with David Hasselhoff is in many aspects better than the new one, even though the new series ofcourse comes with better special effects, better acting skills and better stories. But one thing that keeps bugging me is the fact that the new K.I.T.T. (the car) can tranform between many different vehicles (it’s supposed to be made out of nano-technology materials that can change shapes to objects of the same mass). Remember the show “Viper”? It was a simular show with a car that could change between the two models of Viper, it stunk. This is simular, but this car can change into several models of the Mustang, a truck, a van and police cars etc, it’s just too much. I think they’d been better off just having the cool intelligent Mustang with its gadgets and maybe only some things changing on it, not the entire car. This is more like Transformers and not Knight Rider, but I’ll probably still be watching it. What do you think? I hate the hood scoop it has in “attack mode”.