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I’m so looking forward to this! This fall both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are released, both with guitar, microphone and drumset. But what are the differences between the games and what will I get? I have read that Guitar Hero is generally a more difficult (and fun) game to play, if you master GH on “hard” level, one would have no problem with RB at all. GH WT also adds new elements to the guitar playing experience with chords that does not all start and end at the same time, but you have to “strum” between them. The compatibility between the games and instruments may differ abit depending on platform, you can play both games with either instruments, but some features might be disabled, like the fifth drumtrack on GH WT if you don’t have their drumset, atleast so I’ve heard. However GH WT have better instruments than RB.

Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Create your own tracks.
  • Drumkit with 3 drums and 2 symbals.
  • Pressure sensitive drumpads.
  • Compatible with Guitar Hero.
  • Custom characters and instrument creation.
  • Touch sensitive pads on guitar for tapping etc.
  • Online career mode.
  • Drums are quiter than Rock Band’s.
  • About 85 songs (download and upload of custom tracks).

Rock Band 2

  • Lots of downloadable songs and albums.
  • About 80 songs (up to 200 downloadable).
  • Backwards compatibility with instruments and songs.


I already have Guitar Hero 3 (Legends of Rock) so I have now pre-ordered Guitar Hero World Tour, even though Rock Band have better songs, but WT seems like a better game. I’m looking forward to World Tour very much :) – about 3 weeks left and counting. I’ll be back with a review of it.

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