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Expert drummer

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Yesterday me and a couple of my friends played some Guitar Hero World Tour at my place. Towards the end of the evening we decided to try out playing the drums on difficulty level “expert”, but with another person controlling the bass drum (the foot pedal). Removing the pedal from the main drummer proved to […]

Saw “Quantum of Solace” yesterday, the latest James Bond movie. I agree with the critique I’ve heard about when it comes to fast cuts in the action scenes, it’s pretty annoying in the beginning of the movie actually. The story had the potential to be pretty good, the villains plot is realistic and in line […]

Portal party

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Yesterday (Thursday) evening one of our hardware supplier companies (called Portal) at work had a party gathering for their clients at a hotel near the Globe Arena in Stockholm. We went there ofcourse with high expectations for free food, free drinks and good music. It was a good time, even though we were only three from […]


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… and lots of it. Today when I woke up after a good night sleep despite of my hurting elbow since last nights Guitar Hero World Tour adventure playing the drums, I looked out the window of there was lots of snow everywhere, there was none when I went to bed.

Yesterday I picked up my complete bundle of Guitar Hero World Tour, and we had alittle afterwork at my place playing it all evening into the night. It was very fun to play four people at the same time (drums, lead guitar, base guitar and vocals). A few of the changes to World Tour from […]

I’m a big fan of Star Trek, the TV series “The next generation” in particular, which I think is the best one. But I’m also looking forward to the new Star Trek movie that’s coming out on May 9th, 2009, directed by JJ Abrams. This film is taking place in the beginning of captain James […]

Not only was my train 15 minutes late to the station, a few hundred meters after Stockholm Central station there was a loss of power on all northbound trains so after a 40 minute wait on the train they evacuated it and we had to walk along the tracks back to Central station and get […]