I’m using Telia as network provider for my mobile phone, but on their website they don’t have any automatic settings available for download for my new HTC Touch HD, nor any other HTC mobiles for that matter. So one have to enter the information manually to enable MMS and Internet connection, and here’s how…

How to enable Telia MMS:

  • Click Start > Settings > Connections > Connections icon > Advanced tab.
  • Click Choose network.
  • Click to create a new connection with bottom button.
  • Enter “Telia MMS” as name.
  • Click the modem tab and click to create new.
  • Enter “Telia MMS” and mobile connection (3G/GPRS) and then next.
  • Enter “mms.telia.se” and then next.
  • Enter username “mms” and password “telia”, leave the domain info empty.
  • Click Finish, OK and then OK again.
  • Go to main page, click the start menu > message options > MMS configuration.
  • Select the server tab and then click to create new.
  • Enter server name “Telia MMS”, gateway “”, port number “9201”, server address “http://mmss”, connect through “Telia MMS”, select max size “300K”, select WAP version “1.2” and press OK.
  • Select “Telia MMS” and select it to be default.
  • Click OK and you’re all set for MMS.

To configure your 3G/GPRS mobile Internet connection is even easier..

How to enable mobile Telia Internet connection:

  • Click the start menu and choose settings.
  • Go to the connections tab and select connections icon.
  • Click to create new modem connection (Internet).
  • Click to create a new connection.
  • As name for the connection enter “Telia Mobile Online” (or whatever you want), select modem line to be mobile connection (GPRS/3G).
  • Enter connection point “online.telia.se” and click next.
  • Leave username, password and domain fields empty (default) and save the connections.
  • You’re set for mobile Internet!

I hope it works for you too.