I’m happy with my HTC Touch HD, but one particularly annoying problem has come up for me, and many others I presume, with the built-in audio player in TouchFLO 3D, playlists and audio manager crashing. There are alot of forum posts out there about these problems, but no one I’ve found so far describes my problems exactly, yet alone how to solve them. So I decided to post a list of my problems, what I’ve discovered so far and some fixes/workarounds, feel free to try them out and discuss on how we can solve this!

Here are my problems, scenarios and comments…

touchflo_musicFirst of all, everything works great in Windows Media Player on the device, these problem occurs in the TouchFLO 3D player (HTC Audio Manager) only. I personally like the look of this player so I’d want it to work rather than just installing another player.

When syncing music with ActiveSync from a PC using Windows Media Player 11, sometimes audio manager crashes on the HTC. 
This seems to be happening at random, some forum posts states that the problem is embedded album art in some mp3’s, but that’s not it, atleast not for me. I have mp3’s with embedded album art that plays and shows up with no problem at all.
There seems to be some problems with scandinavian characters in folder names (artist name and album name in the meta info), long folder/file names and also characters like “()’,.&” etc. When eliminating those more songs appeared in the playlist, not all though.

Some songs not visible in the playlist, playlist created on the PC and then synced over with ActiveSync.
Not a problem with Windows Media Player on the device, only the built-in player, not sure why this is. If I select to view all songs they usually are there.

Can’t create playlists inside the TouchFLO 3D player (HTC Audio Manager).
No songs appear when I select “add”, I can add them individually though. The screen is just all white.

Artists and albums not showing all songs.
This seemed to work fine until I made the changes described below, now artists and albums are all empty. But atleast I can view my playlists now.

playlistmgrSo there seem to be alot of bugs with the audio manager released with the HTC Touch HD. I searched some forums and came across a thread that said the format of the HTC Audio Manager is different than the one Windows Media Player created, .ASF. There is a program available called “Playlist Manager” that can create playlists and save them in the HTC Audio Manager format, so I tested that.

Just install it, start the program and open the playlist you created in Windows Media Player, select “File” > “HTC Audio Manager” > “Save playlist as…”. After this it seems one have to do a soft reset (restart your phone) so HTC Audio Manager scans for it and finds it.

However , when I did this, all playlists looked OK, but I couldn’t play anything and I couldn’t flip through any albums in the interface, the player and interface was completely frozen. What I did then was to delete this playlist I just created/converted, only leaving the Windows Media Player playlists again, and after yet another restart it worked, and all songs were suddenly visible, playable and flippable. Strange… not sure why everything suddenly popped up and started to work, but I’m sure it will fail again soon enough when I add more songs and playlists.

Seems like the playlist system in HTC Audio Manager is seriously screwed up, I hope they release an update soon, this is the only problem I have really, the playlists and the crashing of audio manager. I understand that HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro users also suffer from these problems, after reading some forums. What are your experiences with this, do you know what is causing it, and what have you done to deal with it or fix it?

Update (2009-01-18): For me one of the problems was that playlists sometimes just are empty and I couldn’t play any songs. I posted a solution for this problem in this post.