I read an article today about cameras in mobile phones becoming more and more advanced and noticed a paragraph about taking panorama pictures directly in the phone and thought it was pretty cool. I looked around in the menues of my HTC Touch HD for this function and sure enough, there is one. Just click the camera icon when in the camera application and you’ll get a menu of some different camera modes; “photo”, “video”, “panorama”, “MMS-video”, “contact photo” and “themes”. Themes are when you put your photo in some humorous clipart frame, like the old “most wanted”-poster for example.

I tried the panorama option and it allows you to take three photos from left to right to create one large panorama photo. When taking picture number two and three you will see abit of the previous image overlapping to the left so you can match them perfectly to eachother. However panorama pictures are best suited for distant objects since objects close to the camera will be bent, so taking a panorama photo over your desk for example will display the desk as curved, you’ve probably seen this before. I took the picture below of my livingroom and it came out pretty good despite of the poor lighting and close objects.


The vertical crossovers from each picture are through the lamp in the window and through the TV, those areas are abit fuzzy mostly because I took the pictures free-hand. I will take some more outdoors panorama pictures with my phone and post them of they turn out nice.