Today I bought tickets for me and several members of my family for the concert by Jean-Michel Jarre (World Arena Tour) at Hovet arena in Stockholm the 14th of May (2009). They were pretty expensive, but I think it will be a nice experience. Jarre’s legendary music has always sort of been part of our family when I grew up and we all enjoy it, perhaps more so me and my father, in fact the name of my fathers yaht is inspired by one of his songs. Jarre is well known for his innovative synthesizer instruments and spectacular live concerts with lots of lasers and visual effects and he’s a pioneer of the electronic and synth music genre. The most well known hit of Jean-Michel Jarre is probably “Oxygene” (first came out in 1977).

Looking forward to this, long wait though… Click to view post details and see a video teaser from one of his concerts to get an idea of the experience.

Jean-Michel Jarre laser harp

Jean-Michel Jarre and his laser harp

 By the way, what’s up with taking a service charge on e-tickets? That doesn’t seem like the way to go.