A few months ago I posted a page about HTC Touch Diamond vs IPhone 3G but I think that comparing IPhone 3G with HTC Touch Diamond was not as appropriate as comparing it with the newer HTC Touch HD, which is really the “IPhone killer” right now. So here I will post the info about these two phones.

IPhone 3G: Nice design, touch screen and good interface. Overrated phone that doesn’t even have basic functionality like MMS (it has now/soon though) or radio. Also buggy with 3G in Sweden (fixed?). I don’t see what the hype with IPhone is all about. The screen is only 480×320. Dimensions are 115.5×62.1×12.3 mm and it weighs 133 grams. Only a 2 megapixel camera. It has a multitouch screen, which is nice. Keywords that apply: new (?), fresh design, overrated, no radio, expensive to own, appstore.

HTC Touch HD: Nice design, touch screen and good interface. The phone has all functions one would want from a phone these days; MMS, GPS, 3.5mm headphone plug, memory card capability (32 Gb I’ve heard, it comes with 8 Gb), high resolution screen (800×480), radio and more. It is pretty much the same size as the IPhone, but a millimeter shorter, narrower and thinner  (115×62.8×12 mm), but it weighs abit more (147g). It has a 5 megapixel camera, but no flash. It gives very good battery time, I only charge mine once a week at most with normal use. I think it’s probably the most complete phone yet, allthough the touchscreen is better on IPhone with its multitouch etc, but this still is good enough for sure. The interface does not feel slow either, like it was reported to be on the Diamond. If you’re an advanced user you can tweak and customize this Windows Mobile 6.1 based phone alot. The screen on this phone really gives a crystal clear display and watching movies on it is very nice. I think the sound on it is very nice, much better than my previous Nokia N95. Keywords that apply: new, fresh design, has all functionality one want.

I think both of these are nice phones, but there are some things that gives the HTC an edge I think, like the display, memory, radio, battery time, design and that you are not forced to use iTunes and a specific network operator out of the box. One thing I would like for Windows Mobile though is an AppStore. But for me the winner is HTC Touch HD, and I got one that I’m really happy with.

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