The HTC Touch HD (Blackstone) mobile phone is probably one of the most advanced out there right now, and many users have alot of questions, thoughts and there are also a few bugs. So here is a list of hints, tips, tricks and solutions for your HTC Touch HD. Among my previous posts you can also find descriptions of current problems with the phone as well as some links to free software for your Windows Mobile device that can certainly come in handy.

So here is a list of some hints, tips and tricks I’ve found most useful so far…

HTC Touch HD Hints, Tips & Tricks

Contacts tab photo thumbnail quality
Open your photo using the gallery and tap to activate the menu, select to save the image to a contact. This will make the image show with high resolution in your contacts tab. Using Outlook to select image and then sync will make it low resolution.

Zooming images
Circle the area of the image you wish to zoom in on with a clockwise motion. To zoom out, draw the circle anti-clockwise.

Panning zoomed images
Tap and hold on the image until the icon appears in the corner, then drag to pan the image.

Perform a soft reset
A soft reset is to restart the phone. Do so by either power it off and back on again, or clicking the reset button behind the back cover of the phone.

Perform a hard reset
A hard reset will perform a factory reset of your phone, removing all personal data. To do a hard reset do either of the following; in the settings tab, select more  and then in the system tab start the program “Clear Storage” (or “Rensa Lagrat” in Swedish) and follow the instructions. Or, while the phone is switched off, hold both the volume up and volume down buttons while pressing power on and continue to hold the volume buttons.

Enable an analogue clock
The large clock on the home screen can’t be analogue to my knowledge, but you can enable a small analogue clock in the title bar. Click the home screen clock, then edit settings to always show a clock in title bar, start a program so the clock will appear. Then, tap and hold over the clock, and select analogue.

Zooming in Opera web browser
Just double-tap to zoom the page or use the zoom slider.

Using an mp3 as ringtone
In a file explorer, tap and hold the mp3 file and select to use it as ringtone.

Creating subfolders in the startmenu
Using a file explorer add folders to your start menu folder and copy program shortcuts as you like. To copy the icons you will need a 3rd party file explorer to view hidden files and copy the “.ink” files. Finally you have to uncheck all boxes in menues in the settings page.

Changing the touch screen sensitivity
I installed “Advanced Configuration Tool” for this, this is a program that allows you to change many useful registry settings. For higher touch screen sensitivity edit the HTC TouchFLO settings in this program and change the settings for pressure threshold and finger pressure, I set mine at “30000” and “extremely high”.

Changing startup image/splash screen
You can change the image displayed when starting the phone using the “Advanced Config Tool” software to edit registry settings.

HTC Touch HD problems FAQ

The phone freezes sometimes for a few seconds, why?
There is a hotfix for this on the HTC website, download it here.

How do I enable albumart for my music?
Just upload an image named “Folder.jpg” into the folder containing your music. If you sync your music using Windows Media Player this should be done automatically.

How do I enable Internet and MMS for Swedish operator Telia?
Take a look at my instructions for this here.

I can’t play music with the TouchFLO player in music tab, what’s up with that?
Well, many have the same problem, including me. HTC Audio Manager just crashes. I’ve written a post about it here.

I can’t scroll through my music in the TouchFLO player, why?
Another bug with this player that seems to happen when the list contains several hundreds of entries.

My playlists are not updating when I’ve added new music, and I can’t edit playlists, why?
The buggy HTC Audio Manager is abit tricky with this, you might want to install a playlist editor as described in this post. A soft reset also should perform a re-scan of all your media. But until HTC releases a fix of this player it could be a good idea to install some other music player or use WMP.

Feel free to add your own tips & tricks in the comments, or if you have any questions that you’d like answered.