I previously wrote a post about my problems with playlists and music with the TouchFLO3D music player, and today I found a solution/workaround for this problem and decided to publish it as a new post.

This problem applies more to people using non-English versions of Windows Media Player or have music of a non-English language that have special characters in its name.

I have a Swedish Windows Media Player on my computer which I use to sync my music to the HTC Touch HD mobile phone. The problem occurs when the album name contains Scandinavian characters (“åäö”) or the “album name” ID3-tag of the mp3-file is empty and you use a Scandinavian WMP, then the default folder name on the computer and the playlist will be “Okänt album” (eng. Unknown album), but the actual folder name on the device will be “Oknt album”, so the file is simply not found from the path given in the playlist. This will make the entire TouchFLO player to crash and display an empty playlist, instead of just that song being missing.

The solution is to check and edit the ID-tag of all mp3 songs and putting “Unknown” in the album title for example, this way the path in the playlist and the actual path will be the same and everything will work with your playlist.

Note that the path will not be renamed if you just edit the file and re-sync, you have to delete the folder on the device and force a new sync so WMP will create the path again, now with no Scandinavian characters.

This works for me, but the bug with not being able to scroll through a playlist containing several hundreds of files remains and must be fixed by HTC. I hope they release a fix for these kinds of special character problems too.