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“Wall-E” is an animated movie about a robot (Wall-E) all alone on planet Earth, which is no longer able to sustain life. Soon a probe (Eve) visits Earth and Wall-E fall in love. To show his appreciation he gives her a plant that he found, the probe recognizes it as a lifeform and the adventure […]

Today more witnesses for the defense was heard and finally someone who could explain how the technology works, Kristoffer Schollin. In particular that even though a torrent-file is uploaded to the The Pirate Bay website it doesn’t mean that TPB tracker is being used, and also that the amount of completed downloads reported on the […]

The questioning of witnesses continued on wednesday, day seven of the trial against The Pirate Bay. We heard John Kennedy of IFPI answer questions, translated by some Omar who did a piss-poor job (!), about the negative financial impact on the music industry by sites such as TPB, and that the compensation claims are justified and even […]

Today the defense got the opportunity to question some people that are the ones that collected the evidence (Antipiratbyrån, “anti-piracy agency”) of The Pirate Bay by downloading files from TPB site. To me it seemed like neither the witnesses nor the defense attorney had very high technical knowledge about the BitTorrent-techonology, and there were alot confusion […]

Yes man

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“Yes man” is a movie with Jim Carrey about a man (Carl) who misses out on life because he always says no to friends etc. He is pulled into a weird program where everyone have to say “yes” to every question and opportunity. Carl tries it out and even though he gets himself into many […]

The fifth day of the trial against The Pirate Bay continued with questioning of Peter Sunde about his involvement with the website and companies handling the advertisements on TPB and Carl Lundström about his financial help of TPB. There were alot of irritation and the defense protested against the trial becoming very American when the […]

In today’s trial against The Pirate Bay there were interrogations of Fredrik Neij and Gottfried Swartholm Warg about their involvement in TPB and other companies related to TPB, the contracts they have written and specifically about the ownerships and founders. They also touched on they subject of the fact that one can use any search […]