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latitude-mapI Read about Google Latitude today and decided to check it out. Google Latitude is a free product featured in Google Maps that you can install on your GPS mobile phone which will then let your friends (which you choose who should be able to see your location) see exactly where you are, in real-time.

You will use Google Maps as usual in your phone, but you will see a flag indicating your friend’s’ location in the map also, which is very cool. Now I just have to try this out with some friends who also have GPS in their mobiles. Installing it was very easy, I just browsed to “mobile.google.com” on my phone and selected to download the binary file for Google Maps (I have a Windows Mobile phone) and then install the cab-file. It will automatically upgrade the existing version, and then you just follow the configuration of the latitude-feature on your phone, simple.

You can also use your computer to keep track of people, but unfortunantely this doesn’t seem to be available in Sweden yet. (Update: It is available in Sweden, you just have to edit your iGoogle settings and change location). I’m looking forward to a feature like this available as a blog plugin/widget, so I can show my location on a Google map on my blog all the time, just for fun =). It will probably be available soon.