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Nintendo NES consoleIt actually wasn’t so many years ago one was playing the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 8-bit gaming console for hours at a time and suffering from a Nintendo-thumb. It’s mindblowing when you think about the progress made since then. When you look at the graphics possible back in the late 1980’s it’s laughable, but very nostalgic for people born in the 1970’s, like me, who used play these games. One game in particular bring back alot of memories for me, “Castle Vania”. It brings back bitter sweet memories of incredible frustration and happy simple times. I found a site some time ago where you can actually play pretty much all those old Nintendo games as they were, right from the web in your browser using Java. Just look at the graphics, hear the sounds, it makes me wonder what the hell we were thinking. But ofcourse it was state of the art back then, ah it makes me smile. Play this game, and many more at www.virtualnes.com, sometimes it’s just fun to look at them again to remember.

Castle Vania

Castle Vania, anyone else played this game? I don’t remember it as this ugly, hehe.