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the day the earth stood stillI saw “the day the earth stood still” today. I’ve heard it’s not a good movie, but I always enjoy alien- and end of the world-movies, those categories always makes a pretty good movie with very few exceptions. I think this movie was interesting and it sort of makes you think about a very possible scenario of what an alien race actually would think about humans. But something is missing, I don’t know what. Perhaps it’s the fact that we (or the Americans rather) are maybe too trigger-happy in the movie than I hope they would be, or the fact that Klaatu (the alien) has some weird power to control machines and computers. But one thing is true in this movie, in order for us humans to change our ways in treating the earth and eachother we need to be on the brink of a global catastrophe, which makes you think because maybe not all catastrophic events can be recovered from. All in all it was a pretty good movie, but not great.