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I didn’t have high expectations of this movie, but it was a good action movie and the plot is also pretty good. I think you are probably better off if you have seen the first movie so you know the relationship between the two species and humans. The gore is plenty and well made.

Every now and then I post these simple but useful hints and tips than can help in your work or every day life. This time I post the correct military alphabet in English and Swedish which is very useful to spell something over the phone for example. I think it’s annoying when people use their […]

I have been redecorating my home for a few weeks now, on and off. Getting rid of old and ugly bookshelfs and getting new more stylish ones that match some furniture I already have. I got the furniture and lights from IKEA, the “Expedit” bookshelf though came with no holes on half of the bookshelfs (!), […]

Gran Torino is a movie about an old man, who is also a veteran from the Korean war, losing his wife and lives alone in his house in an Asian neighborhood. He is bitter and angry with life and hates his neighbors and is starting to get fed up with the increasing number of gangs and […]

Saw “Bedtime stories” today with Adam Sandler, I was in the mood for a simple and funny movie, not too deep. I think this movie was an OK choice, but yet nothing special. It’s like a mix of “Night at the museum” and “Waterboy” or something, Adam Sandler seems to like to play these kinds […]

Every once and a while you come across these little annoying obsticles when working with Active Directory that should be easy to solve but requires some special tools, for example that there is no way to export all the members of a group in the Active Directory Users & Computers GUI tool. Using advanced search filter for […]

This is a pretty cool and funny song by “The lonely island”, called “Jizz in my pants” :). The same people that made that “Dick in a box”-song on SNL. With more serious lyrics this song would be very nice, I like the tune and chorus, but even with this lyrics it’s a nice sound […]