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I have been redecorating my home for a few weeks now, on and off. Getting rid of old and ugly bookshelfs and getting new more stylish ones that match some furniture I already have. I got the furniture and lights from IKEA, the “Expedit” bookshelf though came with no holes on half of the bookshelfs (!), so I had to drill them myself (takes too much time & energy to bring 100 kg of shelfs back to the store), but after a while I got them up. Then I also got the “Malm” bureau with a glass pane on top, a “Hopen” bed table with frosted glass drawers, and another “Benno” CD-storage in silver. Along with that I got a new spotlight lamp in the ceiling and diod lights for nice effects in the bookshelf etc. I was glad to see that my ceiling was in fact wooden and not concrete like the walls are, so it was easy to do the fixed installation of the spotlights. I also already had the multicolored diodstrips behind the TV, which is a really nice feature. Below are before & after pictures of the room, it’s more clean and modern now, it turned out pretty good. Take a look…

It’s not all done yet, I still have some painting to buy and hang up (and fix the lighting for it) and also a picture I will create myself from photos of my vacation in New York City 2008. But so far with these changes the room feels alot bigger and more open. I might also get a bigger bed at some point as I first planned. So far I spent around 700 euros for this and a couple of evenings of assembly.


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