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Today it was time to launch the boat into the water again. It has been sitting on the trailer all winter with little preparation so I was abit worried about the motor being broken. We tested the motor abit on land like a week ago and all seemed fine, but still… To my surprise the […]

Saw “The Spirit” today. I didn’t have much expectations, but atleast most super-hero movies are pretty good. The movie is about a man who is immortal (pretty much anyway) fighting his nemesis, The Octopus, who has the same abilities, but his goal is to gain even more power and become a god. It’s filmed in […]

A few minutes ago the verdict of the trial against The Pirate Bay was announced by the court. The outcome in this instance is that all four involved are convicted to one year in prison and around 3 million euros in fines, which is a record in Sweden. This is somewhat surprising to me, and […]

On April 7th HTC released a new ROM version for the HTC Touch HD for Europe (English (Pan Europe and UK), Italian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). The fixes are: Updated the Connection Setup Database. Improved emergency call connections while using Airplane Mode. The GPS position updating speed has been enhanced. A […]

Saw “Slumdog millionaire” today, a movie we’ve heard alot about and it has won alot of Oscars, one for the best movie. I usually don’t have such high expectations on drama movies, but this one is very well made and the way the story is told and displayed is intreging and very well thought out.

I bought myself an Asus EEE PC 1000HE yesterday, probably the best netbook out right now. Cheap, nice design, light weight, good performance and amazing battery capacity. It came with a 160 Gb HDD with Windows XP Home pre-installed on it, something I ofcourse did not want, I had my eyes on Ubuntu but it […]

Yesterday my blog was hacked (most likely), some strange code was written to index.php, wp-settings.php and wp-config.php as well as some files in folder wp-includes. I Googled the line of code and it seems like many WordPress blogs running version 2.7.1 has been hacked in the last few days. The code that was written on […]