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Saw the new Star Trek movie last night. I had high expectations on this one, and I had heard great things about it. But I was not thrilled by it, the whole timetravel thing and meeting other generations of the Star Trek crew has already been done multiple times. Zachary Quinto played the role as […]

Here are some more pictures of my Dodge Charger, now named “Vanessa” after the movie “Gone in 60 seconds” which featured another type of Charger with this codename.

Today I was at Jean-Michel Jarre’s concert in Stockholm with my family. We had very nice seats and the show was good, lots of lights and lasers ofcourse. He played nothing from his latest albums, it was the old classics all the way, and he played 4 encores. People expected the first encore, which was […]

The dream car for me has always been a Corvette, but when I visited New York last summer I spotted a Dodge Charger, which came to be another dream car of mine. Last week I found one Charger for sale which looked very nice and had a nice pricetag to it. I looked over my […]


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I was in the mood for a new PS3 game this weekend and after playing the demo of H.A.W.X. I decided to get it, it was on sale too. The graphics is very good, and the feeling of plane control too. I played through the campaign missions on level “hard” and actually finished the game […]

This weekend the boatmotor died in mid sea and after some restart attempts the battery was dead. Not knowing exactly what was wrong we had to first replace the battery to see if it would start at all. So we bought a new battery yesterday and it started right up again and we could get […]