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The dream car for me has always been a Corvette, but when I visited New York last summer I spotted a Dodge Charger, which came to be another dream car of mine. Last week I found one Charger for sale which looked very nice and had a nice pricetag to it. I looked over my finances and decided to take it for a test drive on Sunday and then sleep on it and come to a decision.

Yesterday I decided to go for it so I called and let them know I wanted it. Today I picked it up and drove it home, feels damn good. It’s a very nice car, for a good price. The color is a very nice deep water blue pearl and it has huge 22″ chrome wheels. Chrome wheels is not particuraly my taste, I would prefer black, but they do have a nice design anyway. The engine is a 5.7l V8 hemi producing 345 hp, but it’s pretty quite actually, until you floor it ofcourse. It’s very nice to drive, but takes a while to get used to those big and wide tyres on the road. It’s very roomy and comfortable inside, feels very luxurious. Vromm, vromm!! :)

More pictures will be added soon enough.