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Saw “Knowing” starring Nicolas Cage today. It’s a movie about a son and father getting their hands on a paper with strange numbers on it, written by a young girl 50 years ago. The father soon finds out that the sequence of numbers are information of future catastrophic events and soon enough they have to […]

Here is a small collection of applications I recommend and find either very cool or useful for your HTC Touch HD or any other Windows Mobile phone. These applications will unlock hidden powers inside your phone and make it even more user friendly better looking. So here’s my list, in no particular order…

Alot of people seem to have problems with auto-updating WordPress to version 2.8.2 with the processes freezing at download, stuck with message the the file is being downloaded but nothing ever happens. This only seem to happen on some blogs, 2 out of my 3 blogs worked just fine, but one needed more help. The […]

If you run your WordPress blog on some hosting partner you probably have the automatic updates of WordPress core and plugins working, but if you ever setup your own Linux server and trying to run WordPress on it, it is likely that this will not work out of the box, especially if you’re running multiple […]

I’ve found myself looking alot at Michael Jackson material on the web since his recent early passing. I am not such as big fan of his really, but I can appreciate his genius. I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite songs from him, “give in to me”. Other favorites being “Billie Jean” […]

“Angels and demons” is the sequel to “The Da Vinci code”, also starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. This time he is following clues in the vatican to find the location of an anti-matter container which has been stolen by a secret society to revenge the church by letting the container detonate destroying most of […]

Saw “Watchmen” today. It’s a super-hero movie which plot is during the cold war in the 1980s where the world is threatened by nuclear holocaust. A group of retired super-heroes must once again come together save mankind. The movie is pretty dark, and the heroes have lots of dark sides to their personality, even evil, […]