Recently I noticed that the camera in my HTC Touch HD showed I had only 59 photos left until my memory card would be full, which was strange because I had only used about 3.5 Gb out of the 8 Gb available. This seems to be a bug on the phone when approaching about half of the capacity of your memory card, for most users this might happen when the amounr of free space is closing down to 4 Gb, a patch for it should be available from HTC sooner or later I guess. After searching some information about this problem I stumbled upon some ideas that might fix the problem, one being to connect the phone to your computer with USB cable in disk mode and do a normal defrag of the drive. In my case this did not work. Another idea was to save more files to the card so the amount of free space would be less than 4 Gb, thus forcing the decive to recognize the 4 more gigabytes that are available. This worked better and here’s how I did it…


Create a random content file, I used Linux for this with the command

dd if=/dev/urandom of=bigfile.log bs=1M count=250

This will create a 250 Mb large file of random content. Copy that to your memory card to get the amount of free space below 4096 Mb, and voila… I now can take over 6400 more photos.