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Transformer 2 (rise of the fallen) brings alot of nice special effects and eye-candy, and some bots are impressive and cool, but it has not got a good story I think. No big surprises in the movie, it’s pretty predictable, but some bots do got some gangsta lingo going on from time to time.


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Impact is a TV mini-series in two parts. It’s about a huge meteor crashing into the moon almost destroying it, which has a devastating effect on its orbit, and on the Earth, causing strange phenomenons to occur all around the world. Now, much like in the “Armageddon” and “Deep impact” movies, the world must unite […]

The invasion

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Watched “The invasion” today, a movie about people getting infected by an alien micro organism, coming to earth with a crashing space shuttle, and changing them in their sleep. Soon almost everyone is infected and the rest must try to get away, and stay awake. It’s an OK movie, but again, just like “Cloverfield” and […]