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Today I put went to a tyre dealership and had them replace the tyres on my 22″ chrome rims for my brand new ones and put the on the car. With this, pimping my ride for the 2010 season is complete :). This is what I have done with it during the winter:

  • Exhaust: New Flowmaster Force II kit with Super 44 mufflers and 4″ tips, stainless steel catback system.
  • Airfilter: K&N Cold Air Intake (CAI) filter.
  • Tyres: Dunlop Sport SP Maxx 265/35R22 tyres with nitrogen.
  • Tune: Tuned with DiabloSport Predator (U7135). Currently using 91 octane* performance CAI tune. (*91 US octane is equal to 95 EU octane).

Please let it be a very good summer coming up! I’m on a horse.