Back in the day when I was playing Counter-Strike and attending and arranging LANs and tournaments we used to make CS movies and roadtrip movies that were very popular. I decided to upload them to YouTube. This is very much walking down memory lane for many of us, enjoy :). NoM powah!

Argh! I was trying to upload them all to YouTube but I had so many problems with music copyright violations (stupid WMG!) so I put them on Dropbox for you to download instead in its original format.

Draupner – in Action

My first Counter-Strike movie starring myself, a CS movie that was before its time with the music video style and got alot of attention for it.


Draupner – Close call defuse

Some other small movie I made for some reason with just one scene from a 2on2 match. Patience is a virtue.


Clan BiTCh on Onset LAN

Clan BiTCh and Neolithic Mortalis on Onset LAN, roadtrip movie. Download here.

LAN Adventure x2 (TelgeGamers BBQ LAN & Remedy 2002)

Movie from two LAN events in one movie. Download here.

TelgeGamers Overload LAN 2003

The last big LAN that TelgeGamers organised. Download here.

pwnderoza (Puman & Draupner)

My last CS movie from 2004. Miss the days, not the game. Download here.