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I’ve found myself looking alot at Michael Jackson material on the web since his recent early passing. I am not such as big fan of his really, but I can appreciate his genius. I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite songs from him, “give in to me”. Other favorites being “Billie Jean” […]

A few minutes ago the verdict of the trial against The Pirate Bay was announced by the court. The outcome in this instance is that all four involved are convicted to one year in prison and around 3 million euros in fines, which is a record in Sweden. This is somewhat surprising to me, and […]

Today the defense had their closing arguments in the trial against The Pirate Bay and they pointed out that Swedish law requires alot more for anyone being convicted of assisting in a crime than what is the case with TPB, this is supported both in other Swedish trials and in EU directives. To be convicted […]

Today the closing arguments began in the trial against The Pirate Bay. The prosecutor went through all the evidence and said that there is not doubt that the accused are all involved in TPB which is indeed profiting from its business, and is arguing for a verdict of one year in prison. The claim that […]

Today more witnesses for the defense was heard and finally someone who could explain how the technology works, Kristoffer Schollin. In particular that even though a torrent-file is uploaded to the The Pirate Bay website it doesn’t mean that TPB tracker is being used, and also that the amount of completed downloads reported on the […]

The questioning of witnesses continued on wednesday, day seven of the trial against The Pirate Bay. We heard John Kennedy of IFPI answer questions, translated by some Omar who did a piss-poor job (!), about the negative financial impact on the music industry by sites such as TPB, and that the compensation claims are justified and even […]

Today the defense got the opportunity to question some people that are the ones that collected the evidence (Antipiratbyrån, “anti-piracy agency”) of The Pirate Bay by downloading files from TPB site. To me it seemed like neither the witnesses nor the defense attorney had very high technical knowledge about the BitTorrent-techonology, and there were alot confusion […]