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I recently bought a new Linksys RV082 router because my old Netgear firewall broke down, but with the Linksys admin interface I struggled to find how I could open up port forwarding for a specific IP address. Port forwarding opens the port for everyone on the Internet, and firewall access rules do not specify which […]

Recently my Netgear fvx538 firewall has been acting up, ending with pretty much total failure on the LAN side. It started with random WAN interface restarts, but now the LAN ports are hanging/locking up. Even with cables pulled out the port LEDs still are lit. The device then needs to be rebooted, and might work […]

An Android phone will scan your entire memory card for music and images and display them as available media in the players and albums, but maybe you don’t want to show all media but only specific folders. There is a solution for this. To hide media in a specific folder from the player apps do […]

I have had my HTC Desire Android phone for a while now and I have a few recommendations for free, good, useful, nice and fun apps & games for your phone. In Sweden we only have free apps in the market so far, so these recommendations are only based on free apps. Here’s my list […]

Yesterday I got my new mobile phone, an HTC Desire. It’s just amazing, such a great interface and super fast with so much capabilities. I think it’s better than Iphone in so many ways, i love Android and what HTC has done with it. There are a few glitches with some widgets, but nothing major […]

Ever since I noticed that TouchFlo 3D (also known as Manila) got updated on newer phones, but not on my HTC Touch HD, I have been thinking of doing it myself with one of the multiple custom ROMs available for this phone, made by enthusiasts of the Windows Mobile community. The newer versions of Manila […]

Recently I noticed that the camera in my HTC Touch HD showed I had only 59 photos left until my memory card would be full, which was strange because I had only used about 3.5 Gb out of the 8 Gb available. This seems to be a bug on the phone when approaching about half […]